New&Events [Good News] Scored Twice - iTran Won the Bid for the African Cargo Terminal System Project Again
[Good News] Scored Twice - iTran Won the Bid for the African Cargo Terminal System Project Again

Dec 22, 2023



After winning iTran’s first African project - Ethiopian Airlines E commercial cargo terminal system project at the end of last year, iTran won the bid again for the international cargo terminal operation system project at Africa Angola Luanda International Airport on July 24th by virtue of its leading product technology advantages and comprehensive service capabilities!


The cargo terminal system is the core of airport cargo operation, and its functions cover the entire operation process of inbound and outbound cargo, including: Cargo Acceptance & Delivery Management, Cargo Weight & Balance Management, Billing Management, Flight Pre-allocation, Flight Formal Allocation, Manifest, Dispatch, Flight Departure, Abnormal Vehicle Monitoring, Inbound Flight Acceptance, Import Cargo & ULD Acceptance, Manifest, Delivery & Transit, Transit Cargo Management, Dangerous Cargo Management, Revenue & Accounting Management, Service Development Management and various statistical statements.


The cargo terminal system of iTran can fully standardize and digitize the cargo terminal workflow, minimize manual work and paper work, thereby reducing errors and improving the efficiency of business processes. The system can automatically generate statistical reports, greatly reduce the workload of manual data statistics, and improve the accuracy of data statistics. At the same time, the design of iTran cargo terminal system meets the relevant requirements of IATA and China Customs, and can provide complete data feedback for airlines to meet the needs of improving cargo efficiency and customer service level for airline users.


The winning bid makes iTran take a new step on the journey of expanding the African market. As the only software company in the world that provides closed-loop full coverage of the air logistics service chain, in the overseas field, it has reached cooperation with Ethiopian Airlines, Malaysia RAYA Airlines, AGI and Cumberland Truck Company, USA, Cambodia Lanmei Airlines, etc. Now, Angola Luanda International Airport has also joined the list!


Looking to the future, as a leader in air logistics informatization, iTran will continue to improve its product and service capabilities, and strive to provide assistance and support for the high-quality development of the global air logistics industry.

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