Li Jin
Founder & CEO iTran Systems
Labor costs constitute over 70% of air cargo ground operation expenses. This statistic highlights significant potential for enhancement through increased informatization and automation. Over the last decade, iTran attached great importance to the R&D of software products and established a substantial customer base with a focus on the Chinese market. In the next ten years, our focus will be on leveraging informatization and automation to significantly reduce labor costs within the industry, thereby enhancing profitability and service quality for our valued customers.
Li Jin, Founder & CEO of iTran, has served the air cargo IT industry for over 25 years.

2004- present, Founded iTran Systems and led its global expansion, currently serving over 60 carriers and GHAs worldwide.

1997-2003, The leader of China Southern Airlines’Tang cargo system , which was one of the first open platform-based air cargo system in the world.

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