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Profile of iTran Systems

iTran Systems, based in Shenzhen, specialises in delivering innovative IT solutions for the global Air Cargo industry. As a leading supplier of IT solutions for air cargo, iTran Systems is a well-respected high-tech enterprise, both nationally and globally. Our core business involves providing sophisticated informational technology services to Carriers, GHA, and Air logistics companies, streamlining and enhancing the air cargo process.

About iTran
  • Customers
    60 +
  • Daily Waybill Processing
    20000 +
  • Provide Load Balancing for
    Freighter Flights Daily
    220 +
  • Manage ULD
    10000 +
Why iTran
  • In the field of Carriers
    In the field of Carriers, 9 among the top 10 freight carriers in China are the customers of iTran Systems, including Air China Cargo, China Southern Airlines Hainan Airlines (Supreme), Longhao Airlines, China Post Airlines, SF Airlines, YTO Aviation, Sichuan Airlines Logistics Central Airlines and Central Airlines. In addition, there are other renowned clients such as Shandong Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, Loong Air and Shenzhen Airlines.
  • In the field of Ground handlers
    In the field of Ground handlers, top 10 out of 20 biggest Chinese airports, are running iTran's systems. They include Shenzhen Airport International Cargo Centre Shenzhen (ICCS), Tianjin Airport Huayi Cargo terminal, Sichuan Tianfu airport Chuanhang Cargo Terminal, Meilan Airport cargo terminal, Nanjing Airport Cargo Terminal, Nanchang International Cargo terminal.
  • In the field of oversea business
    In the field of oversea business, our international customers are present worldwide, in the United States, African continent and South East Asia, including Ethiopian Airlines, Malaysia RAYA Airlines, Alliance Ground international(USA), Cumberland Truck Company(USA), Cambodia Lanmei Airlines.
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