New&Events On-site training of Angola Luanda International Airport Cargo Terminal System was successfully carried out
On-site training of Angola Luanda International Airport Cargo Terminal System was successfully carried out

Dec 22, 2023



In late August this year, iTran completed the contract signing of the international cargo terminal system project with Angola Luanda International Airport, and then started the system design and development work. In early October, the project manager was sent to Angola to carry out on-site system training, and went all out to meet the on-site inspection of the Angolan president on November 10. This really shows how fast Chinese speed is.


In this training, in order to ensure every staff of cargo terminal of Africa Luanda International Airport can master the operation process of the cargo terminal system and understand the main framework and functions of the system, we have detailed description of the operation concept, interface operation and functional points of the cargo terminal system in the form of Portuguese plus English, and carried out the on-site operation practice.



This training has been unanimously recognized by African partners, who have benefited a lot from it.


From the signing of the project contract, to the system design and development, to the on-site training, and then to the immediate system deployment and delivery, it only took iTran about 2 months. Through the implementation of this project, it fully demonstrates our overseas implementation ability and competitive advantages in the industry.




Looking towards the future, we still have a long way to go. As a leader in aviation logistics informatization, iTran will continuously improve product and service capabilities, drive the development of the global aviation logistics industry with informatization, and contribute Chinese wisdom to airlines, airports and logistics enterprises around the world!


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